May 26, 2005

هفته چهاردهم

برای اولین بار ما لینکهای مستقیم به هر قسمت از برنامه ارایه می‌کنیم. با کلیک شماره اول خط فهرست برنامه می‌توانید تنها به آن قسمت خاص گوش دهید یا لینک دهید.

۱- گزارشی درباره آمار منتشر شده توسط مرکز تحقیقاتی پیو در زمینه گرایشهای سیاسی مردم آمریکا
۲- شعری از هادی خرسندی با ارایه و مقدمه رضا صدر
۳- گزارش تکنولوژی: شبکه‌های اجتماعی
۴- گزارش ورزشی: دکتر علی زی
۵- معرفی یک پادکست جدید ایرانی: زبان خبر

برای شنیدن برنامه اینجا را کلیک کنید (۸ مگابایت)
اگر با مودم وصل شده‌اید برای شنیدن برنامه اینجا را کلیک کنید (۴ مگابایت)

1- A summary of the pew research center's study of American political landscape. Part 1: groupings within the Republicans.

2- Reza Sadr introduces and recites a poem by Hadi Khorsandi, a contemporary Iranian satirist and poet.

3- Technology Report: Social Networks and their emergence on Internet.

4- Sport Report by Dr. AliZ

5- Introducing a new Persian podcast: Language News Podcast

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Posted by haftegi at May 26, 2005 11:32 PM | TrackBack

You have a very interesting program with well-chosen topics. I have not missed even one of your weekly programs. My only recommendation would be the sport section. It seems to me being too long and boring comparing with you other topics. (Sometimes I am trying not to think about it as a filler topic! ;-)). There is 90% focusing on football. Moreover, 90% of football is Iranian local news and not even the national team! It is understandable that you or your sport reporter colleague would be very interested in the soccer of Iran but first of all it is not the only sport in Iran, not everybody is crazy of it , especially out of Iran that Iranian are fan of other sports too because of their availability . On the other hand, your 50% of listeners would be females, which has no interest or idea about football in Iran! With a simple time calculation, I would suggest to reduce the percentage of sport section and changing its topics to variety of sports. However your radio is the one that I always waiting to listen to it.
Good Luck!

Posted by: Arman at June 1, 2005 5:48 PM

Dear Arman jaan,

I would like to appreciate your concern about your feedback but personally I do not accept all your comments though.

1. Our policy is to cover all iranian related sports which are worth of discussion and news. In this part, I think I have covered all the important news e.g. check our weekly reports on Volleyball, tennis, mountaing climbing, Basketball, soccer, taekwando, Indoor soccer, ...... There was no a big tournament that I have missed so far on other iranian sports.

2. About the soccer, yes! fortunately or not the main focus for iranians these days is soccer and now it is a world cup stage and consequently league bartar as a talent generetor for our national team is important. I used to be a soccer, basketball and pingpong player so I can have a discussion on these not all.

3. For the percentage you have mentioned, can you give me the reference. How many people have you talked to ? How many of them said this is boring? We will add a poll section on our podcast soon.

Anyways, again thanks for your positive feedback.

Posted by: Ali Z at June 8, 2005 11:39 AM
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